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E-waste comprises 70% of our overall toxic waste.
The production of electronic devices such as laptops and desktops will account for 14% of the total greenhouse emissions by 2040.
The overall production of just one laptop creates about 214 kilograms of CO2.


Release of carbon dioxide due to land clearing for mining.
Pollution of water resources through contaminated waste is released into lakes, streams, and the ocean.
High carbon emissions related to materials transportation and refinement in factories are mostly powered by coal.
High release of CO2 in the atmosphere due to shipping from the supplier to the customer.

E-waste — is a toxic waste stream where valuable finite resources are lost. Fifty million metric tonnes of e-waste is generated every year, equaling the weight of nearly 4,500 Eiffel towers. Much of it is incinerated or placed in landfill, causing pollution, human health hazards and the loss of valuable finite resources. We are a team of circular economy experts and thought leaders, who are committed to helping companies and individuals make conscious choices about their electronic disposal.

IT equipment is made of many rare earth minerals that are in limited supply and require energy & resources to extract. Thus, we should focus on building and supporting a circular economy for IT equipment. For instance, giving PCs a second life can extend their life by 4 to 8 years.

We should make sure that IT equipment doesn’t reach the landfill. Instead, electronic components should be reused including parts repurposed.

We take computers out of the waste stream and restore them for use after stringent quality checks and refurbishing or recycling. These critical resources shouldn’t go to landfills. Reusing laptops and other IT devices is certainly part of the solution to reduce the carbon footprint, raw materials used, and e-waste produced.

So, if you need to dispose of your old electronic items, Take a conscious decision!

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