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CONTINUe Tech is a mission-based organization that provides solutions to the ever-growing problem of obsolete electronic devices and limited options for recycling. Our objective is to provide new life to obsolete old electronic devices by either reuse or recycle. The circular economy is a solution to environmental decline and we're here to make sure that the principles of circular economy are applied as widely as possible. You can help us achieve this goal and create a more sustainable economy.

CONTINUe Tech tackles climate change and biodiversity loss together while addressing important social needs. We help to reduce waste, circulate resources and make old electronic devices reusable. Our planet is running out of resources, and if we don't act now, future generations will suffer. We are committed to creating a more sustainable society by enabling a circular economy by reducing e-waste going to landfills and supporting positive human change.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a futuristic, affordable, and sustainable society that’s conscious of limited planetary resources.

Our Mission

Our goal is to reduce electronic waste by creating a circular economy where obsolete equipment is repurposed rather than being buried in landfill.

Message from CEO

Gaurav Choudhary
“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan, Author

We at Continue Tech have embarked on a journey to support circular economy and sustainable environment. Having over a decade of experience in the electronic hardware industry, we understand the challenges that obsolete and old electronic equipment poses in your working environment. We have all the required experience and tools available to bring back these obsolete devices back in reuse either through repair or recycle model. As part of our CSR activity, we support reforestation projects across the world by planting trees. We look forward to working with our clients to support their sustainability goals. It is about time we turn our trash to treasure, today for a better tomorrow.

Why CONTINUe Tech?

Here’s what makes us better

We are a Dubai Municipality Approved Recycling Company
We are a socially responsible organization working closely with leading organizations to support their sustainability objectives.
We are an electronic recycling company with ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) as a service but we don’t stop there. We also try to give new life to your IT Assets which can be repurposed. We accept all kinds of electronics devices like laptops, desktops, monitors, and other accessories.
In exchange for acquiring assets, we give fair value without much hassle.
We operate with the aim of moving ourselves and our clients towards achieving carbon
emission targets and emerging environmental regulations.

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